Monday, February 28, 2011

Natural birthing win.

Two weeks ago Andy and I had a nice conversation about if we have another baby how we are going to handle labor.

I am happy I have a healthy baby boy who just turned 2.

I did not like my labor or the manner of his birth. Drugs stink. Having medically enhanced contractions suck. My water broke on its own but that is about all my body did during labor. I tried to be on as little pain medications as possible and tried to move as much as I could. Had horrible back pain before any pain medications. Ended up on PIT, only getting to 5cm, having 2 epidurals, and having a c section. Also had a groggy baby who took forever to get the hang of nursing. Battled slow weight gain and a short time of supplementing with formula.

I told him of all the struggles I went through because of having medical interventions.

We agreed to, as long as my doctor says okay, have a more natural labor if we have another baby.

I will be getting a doula for birth.

Breast feeding should be easier having the practice.

If I still end up having to have a c section, it will be okay.

But I am going to try my hardest to get the labor I want.

Friday, February 18, 2011

almost to 2...

Max will be 2 on Tuesday. It is truly amazing how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant waiting for my baby to be born.

We had some early struggles but we made it through. Breastfeeding was not quite as easy as I thought it might be but we made it work. I was not about to stop for any reason. Baby wearing has become a passion of mine.

Traveling long distance when he was almost 6 months old was definitely easier in some regards than at 20 months. I am hoping that when we travel in May he will be good. This will be his first big trip in our new van with a chance to watch movies.

And a big trip is always fun when Grandma is sitting next to you. :-)