Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long time gone...

Sorry, I have been busy chasing a 15 month around and it is hard to type more than a sentence when he is awake.

So I have had some observations recently on eating out with a toddler.

Kids meals vary wildly from place to place! It is crazy!

Ok so most restaurants base kids menus for 12 years old and younger but how much will a 15 month old toddler eat? And how much should that cost?

If anything hopefully less than $3 or so, although I think many places realize how much mac and cheese costs.

So far for the best or healthiest options are usually at chain restaurants that do not hate having kids there in the first place.

Our best choices are Steak N Shake (reasonably priced and meal comes with fries or apple sauce and Kids eat free on weekends), Bob Evans (good variety and all priced under $3 or so), & Round the Clock (same as Bobs).

Pricier and therefore non toddler friendly places: Chili's & T.G.I. Fridays ($1.99 for a half a cup of Mandarin oranges or $4.50 for mac and cheese!).

Fast food choices are some times alright as long as they are not the norm.

If anyone else has any other places that are toddler friendly let me know!