Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Valpo Brewfest

So much beer, so little time.

The new park downtown Valpo

Andy and Howard

A bored me...

And a very happy buzzed Andy.

There were in total over 125 different brews from all of the different brewers,
both local and a few national "microbrews", hence no big boys of beer here.
(Although Goose Island was bought out by a gigantic brewery they still got to come.)

I did not get a single drop. Not one, not any at all.
For I played the DD. Yes the designated driver.
I did receive unlimited root beer (that was VERY tasty and from WI for the record).
And a commemorative pint glass, to drink said root beer, and a free shirt.

I also ran into a few of my brothers friends and my friend Emily's little brother who I have not seen in almost 15 years. He was 10 when we graduated from high school.

I would have rather received a coupon for a few dollars of free food instead of the shirt.

Towards the end of the 4 hours of beer drinking by everyone else,
except a handful of other DD that I saw,
I was quite bored.

And it was really funny to hear a large crowd "ohhhh" when
someone dropped a glass and broke it.

The four food vendors were all on one side of the event,
which made it fun trying to find your group while I went to get a piece of pizza.

Stay right here. Do not move. I will be right back.

At least there was plenty of port a potties.

Although the park is a "Smoke Free Park" it did not stay that way for very long at all.

My suggestion even though I am positive no one cares:
To put those smokers pole station things (or something similar) around the outside of the park just for the event. Have signs pointing to them AND mark them on the map of the event.
Then maybe there would be less clean up of butts from cigarettes and cigars....

In conclusion~
Will I attend next year? : Hopefully
Do they need more food? : Definitely
Will we get more people to go with us? : YES! My van can hold 6 other people!