Saturday, May 5, 2012

So much for consistency.

I am such a slacker. I have some many things going on and so many ideas in my head. I want to write more but I never find the time to do it on a regular basis. So I will just be me and write when I find time.

Max turned 3 at the end of Feb. He is kind of a giant for his age at 35.8 Pounds (84%) and 39 inches tall. (81%). He pretty much wears 4t clothes all the time now. 

Andy says he sounds like me everyday. Gee when I am with him 24 hours a day I would only expect him too.

We just got back from our first family trip to Walt Disney World. Andy and Max had never been there before. We stayed at the Pop Century Resort. We ate so much food and did so much walking but had a wonderful time. 

Max eats all kinds of foods now but sometimes he gets on a few things kick. He loves fruit, noodles, chicken nuggets, bacon, and cheese. He is loving riding his tricycle in our back patio. I finally got him a bike helmet for when we ride in the Bike trailer with our bikes. But he loves wearing it so on it goes when we go out back. 3 year olds are so silly. :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Disney as an adult

I have a toddler son.
Apparently Disney World only thinks that girls like Mickey and Minnie together.
This is a red fleece hoodie. Found in all of the girls sections all over the parks.
Never once did I find a boys shirt with a single girl on it.

So the day we left it looked like this in NWI.

And we still wore coats but it was MUCH warmer in Central FL.

Friends from 5th grade. We may live in different states but what does that matter? :-) Des was a wonderful guide and ride pal.

The only character Photo I got. And we happened to match. :-)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Valpo Brewfest

So much beer, so little time.

The new park downtown Valpo

Andy and Howard

A bored me...

And a very happy buzzed Andy.

There were in total over 125 different brews from all of the different brewers,
both local and a few national "microbrews", hence no big boys of beer here.
(Although Goose Island was bought out by a gigantic brewery they still got to come.)

I did not get a single drop. Not one, not any at all.
For I played the DD. Yes the designated driver.
I did receive unlimited root beer (that was VERY tasty and from WI for the record).
And a commemorative pint glass, to drink said root beer, and a free shirt.

I also ran into a few of my brothers friends and my friend Emily's little brother who I have not seen in almost 15 years. He was 10 when we graduated from high school.

I would have rather received a coupon for a few dollars of free food instead of the shirt.

Towards the end of the 4 hours of beer drinking by everyone else,
except a handful of other DD that I saw,
I was quite bored.

And it was really funny to hear a large crowd "ohhhh" when
someone dropped a glass and broke it.

The four food vendors were all on one side of the event,
which made it fun trying to find your group while I went to get a piece of pizza.

Stay right here. Do not move. I will be right back.

At least there was plenty of port a potties.

Although the park is a "Smoke Free Park" it did not stay that way for very long at all.

My suggestion even though I am positive no one cares:
To put those smokers pole station things (or something similar) around the outside of the park just for the event. Have signs pointing to them AND mark them on the map of the event.
Then maybe there would be less clean up of butts from cigarettes and cigars....

In conclusion~
Will I attend next year? : Hopefully
Do they need more food? : Definitely
Will we get more people to go with us? : YES! My van can hold 6 other people!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan- Porter Beach

Max's first beach experience.

Totally scared at first, loved it in the end.

I love all of the off hours info available these days.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Listen To Your Mother

The show was amazing. I can not wait to share the wonderful stories from the show as told by the presenters. Hopefully a online version of the show will appear soon. My mom and I sat in the audience and soaked everything in, it was so nice to have her sitting next to me. I know a presenter and the show producer and we both knew other people that some of the presenters are related to. Small world. You could watch this show anywhere, started in Madison, WI, and probably get the same laughs and tears. This year there are five different locations hosting a Listen To Your Mother event: Austin, TX, Los Angles, CA, Madison, WI, Spokane, WA, and Northwest Indiana (Valpo to be specific). I am so glad we have such wonderful bloggers, writers, and just plan creative people in our area. Here is the cast photo:

Each presenter had a tale to tell. A story of motherhood, struggles, tossing out your child out of the nest, and tales of their mother.

I am glad each and everyone shared their story.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I am a baby wearing junkie.

I love IKEA. And I am quite the baby wearing junkie. IKEA usually has a higher than normal amount of baby wearing parents. Both moms and dads. There are still plenty of times I see parents using strollers, or buckets seats in strollers (ugh), and bucket seats perched on shopping carts (AHHHH NOT SAFE!!!!). If you don't use the stroller in the store, or baby wear, at least put your baby in the big part of the cart. Especially when the bucket seat does not fit onto the seat at all. I do not want to hear of any baby being injured falling off a shopping cart when they should not have been there in the first place. What part of your baby car seat instruction manual said it was okay to do this?

I feel for moms who don't want to even attempt to wear their little ones. Or at least keep them safe. There are hundreds of fall accidents in the US each year. Be a parent who keeps you baby safe. Don't put a baby seat in a unsafe place. Please do not use a bouncer on a table, or use a bumbo seat on a counter.

Try baby wearing, you will more than likely like it!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Natural birthing win.

Two weeks ago Andy and I had a nice conversation about if we have another baby how we are going to handle labor.

I am happy I have a healthy baby boy who just turned 2.

I did not like my labor or the manner of his birth. Drugs stink. Having medically enhanced contractions suck. My water broke on its own but that is about all my body did during labor. I tried to be on as little pain medications as possible and tried to move as much as I could. Had horrible back pain before any pain medications. Ended up on PIT, only getting to 5cm, having 2 epidurals, and having a c section. Also had a groggy baby who took forever to get the hang of nursing. Battled slow weight gain and a short time of supplementing with formula.

I told him of all the struggles I went through because of having medical interventions.

We agreed to, as long as my doctor says okay, have a more natural labor if we have another baby.

I will be getting a doula for birth.

Breast feeding should be easier having the practice.

If I still end up having to have a c section, it will be okay.

But I am going to try my hardest to get the labor I want.