Saturday, February 27, 2010

Being Sick & Gerber

I hate being sick. I have not been sick in well over a year since before Max was born so it is really hard being down for a few days. Luckily, Andy was able to stay home from work on Friday and gave me a good break. But I was the one today to get to carpet clean in our bedroom. Oh well. It is now the cleanest area of carpet in our house. Sometimes I do not know what is worse, being sick or getting over being sick. You don't want to eat anything that might adversely affect your healing intestines but you finally start being hungary enough to want more than Gatorade and apple sauce.

On to a better topic, Gerber. I might as well buy stock in their parent corporation since I seem to buy so much of their stuff. It is sad that I remember when you could buy turkey sticks for $0.68 and now they are almost $1.50 a jar. Well at least they still have the same number of pieces in a jar and have not downsized like ice cream or sugar. I am just glad Max likes turkey and chicken sticks even if they gross out Andy. :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Alright, so we are new members to the Y in Valpo. The building is nice, staff are pleasant, parking is plentiful. That being said the place is a zoo after 2:30 p.m. There is not enough room in the cardio area and the Family locker room is absolutely nuts. We signed up to do the parent / child swim class which was fun. Justin, the instructor, was very nice and fun with the kids. The family locker room is made up of a bunch of individual bathrooms with showers, all tiled floors, and lockers for stuff in the hallway. The doors have locks but no outer sign that a room is in use. Very frustrating! Either you are walking in on someone because they didn't lock the door or once you are in one, other people keep knocking or trying the door. It would have made way more sense for someone to look at the lock on a port a potty and take notes. I have tried to get Max used to being around other babies and kids so putting him in the child watch area has not been too bad. He seems to enjoy playing with toys as long as no other kid bonks him on the head. Anyway, I hope to enjoy going to the Y as long as it is before all of the little middle and high schoolers get there.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pretzels, Oh how I miss thee!

I can not wait until this summer vacation!

We will be traveling back to the East coast to visit family. And, eat everything good: Fresh baked pretzels, water ice, Tastykakes, cheese steak sandwiches, and crab legs. I know there are many more east coast specialties but these are my favorite. We even brought home two dozen pretzels last summer. They are so good I crave them all year long and get super excited when someone sends us some. I currently have a few in storage in the freezer from my cousin Vince. I have to ration them. Sad, but true.

In short, I am so looking forward to visiting PA this summer and everything it entails.

Max will get to see the shore and play in the sand.

I just hope he doesn't make Cape May diamonds like his uncle did when he was little. :-)