Monday, March 14, 2011

I am a baby wearing junkie.

I love IKEA. And I am quite the baby wearing junkie. IKEA usually has a higher than normal amount of baby wearing parents. Both moms and dads. There are still plenty of times I see parents using strollers, or buckets seats in strollers (ugh), and bucket seats perched on shopping carts (AHHHH NOT SAFE!!!!). If you don't use the stroller in the store, or baby wear, at least put your baby in the big part of the cart. Especially when the bucket seat does not fit onto the seat at all. I do not want to hear of any baby being injured falling off a shopping cart when they should not have been there in the first place. What part of your baby car seat instruction manual said it was okay to do this?

I feel for moms who don't want to even attempt to wear their little ones. Or at least keep them safe. There are hundreds of fall accidents in the US each year. Be a parent who keeps you baby safe. Don't put a baby seat in a unsafe place. Please do not use a bouncer on a table, or use a bumbo seat on a counter.

Try baby wearing, you will more than likely like it!