Sunday, October 3, 2010

Toddler wearing....

Yesterday, I did a Quilt Shop hop with my mom and 19 month old son. We drove to South Bend, Wakarusa, and Goshen. I have been baby wearing since I brought Max home from the Hospital. I would have never been able to do what we did yesterday trying to use a stroller. It would have never worked. Max slept though the whole first store in a Maya Wrap ring sling. Maya again in the next over stuffed store. By the time we made it to Wakarusa he was awake and onto my back he went in the Babyhawk OhSnap. At the final store for the day there was a toy area surrounded by a 4 foot gate. At first Max was interested in playing but not alone. So after my mom checked out she played with him so I could wrap up my purchase.

Fabric stores are wonderful magical places where imaginations can run wild. So much to see, touch, and explore. I can explore that with my little guy. Only with baby wearing can I let my child explore with me.

Babywearing is normal. Natural. Safe. A daily way of life. I would never change any part of it.

Viva la Babywearing!