Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby carrier conundrum

I love my Maya Wraps. I own 3. One in the house, and two in the car. I also have a Sleepy Wrap and a hand made Mai Tei. We also have 3 strollers. One umbrella stroller from my cousin (also lives in my car), one graco stroller that matches Max's original car seat (although I never used them together), and one very expensive Burley Bike trailer (that can hold up to 2 kids or 100 lbs). Max being 16 months old now I need to carry him safely and securely, but out of my way sometimes, as in on my back.

My husband thinks I am crazy. Especially in wanting another type of carrier. I wish money was not a concern.

I will find a way. It will be mine. I end carrying Max everyday. I will make it easier on me. :-)