Saturday, May 5, 2012

So much for consistency.

I am such a slacker. I have some many things going on and so many ideas in my head. I want to write more but I never find the time to do it on a regular basis. So I will just be me and write when I find time.

Max turned 3 at the end of Feb. He is kind of a giant for his age at 35.8 Pounds (84%) and 39 inches tall. (81%). He pretty much wears 4t clothes all the time now. 

Andy says he sounds like me everyday. Gee when I am with him 24 hours a day I would only expect him too.

We just got back from our first family trip to Walt Disney World. Andy and Max had never been there before. We stayed at the Pop Century Resort. We ate so much food and did so much walking but had a wonderful time. 

Max eats all kinds of foods now but sometimes he gets on a few things kick. He loves fruit, noodles, chicken nuggets, bacon, and cheese. He is loving riding his tricycle in our back patio. I finally got him a bike helmet for when we ride in the Bike trailer with our bikes. But he loves wearing it so on it goes when we go out back. 3 year olds are so silly. :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Disney as an adult

I have a toddler son.
Apparently Disney World only thinks that girls like Mickey and Minnie together.
This is a red fleece hoodie. Found in all of the girls sections all over the parks.
Never once did I find a boys shirt with a single girl on it.

So the day we left it looked like this in NWI.

And we still wore coats but it was MUCH warmer in Central FL.

Friends from 5th grade. We may live in different states but what does that matter? :-) Des was a wonderful guide and ride pal.

The only character Photo I got. And we happened to match. :-)