Monday, May 9, 2011

Listen To Your Mother

The show was amazing. I can not wait to share the wonderful stories from the show as told by the presenters. Hopefully a online version of the show will appear soon. My mom and I sat in the audience and soaked everything in, it was so nice to have her sitting next to me. I know a presenter and the show producer and we both knew other people that some of the presenters are related to. Small world. You could watch this show anywhere, started in Madison, WI, and probably get the same laughs and tears. This year there are five different locations hosting a Listen To Your Mother event: Austin, TX, Los Angles, CA, Madison, WI, Spokane, WA, and Northwest Indiana (Valpo to be specific). I am so glad we have such wonderful bloggers, writers, and just plan creative people in our area. Here is the cast photo:

Each presenter had a tale to tell. A story of motherhood, struggles, tossing out your child out of the nest, and tales of their mother.

I am glad each and everyone shared their story.

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